QNH SharePoint Document Set Custom Actions
The first of these custom SharePoint Designer actions makes it possible to refer to metadata in the contenttype of a documentset while the workflow is running on the underlying document contenttype. The second action unrecords all underlying documents in a documentset.

Get metadata from documentset
Although it is possible to share document set columns (metadata) with documents in the set, this propagated metadata can not be used in a workflow that runs on a document set underlying document. The first of the SharePoint actions makes it possible to reference a document set metadata column from an underlying document where the workflow runs on and put the value of the column in a local variable.

Unrecord all underlying documents
The other action makes it possible to unrecord all documents in a document set. This comes handy if you like to send a document set to another location (for example with the official file webservice) and you use the inplace record management feature (a document set can not be send to another location if one of the underlying documents is a record).

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